I’ve always liked more to hear others then speaking myself.  Share inner and authentic stories is an hard thing to do, sometimes it hurts. To be entrusted with them is a privilege and to make stories available to others an important mission. That’s why I try my best to be ‘the eyes’ of the reader, as my editor at l’Unità – Antonio Gramsci’s newspaper – suggested me to do when I was their correspondent.

I’ve worked for prominent Italian language newspapers, radios, televisions and news agencies as correspondent, but also as field producer, live assistant, video and radio editor; covering events and issues such as Syrian civil war and refugee crisis, Kurdish rights and the aborted Pkk peace process, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey,  the Gezi Park movement, the rise of Erdogan, Greece economic crack, migrants crisis and the period of Syriza government.

Most recently I was the full-time field producer for Italian public broadcaster RAI in Turkey, South East Europe and the Middle East. After experiencing an all news environment I am now freelance and pursuing documentary and longform projects.

Istanbul has been home for the last 15 years, the main node of my network and the base from which to plan assignments around the Mediterranean, Middle East, Balkans and Caucasus.

Turkish is my second language. Italian my mother tongueI’ve studied Arabic, Islam studies and Mediterranean cultures and languages between universities in Italy, Turkey, Catalonia and Morocco.

I’ve been  a regular guest speaker at universities, research centres and festivals giving lessons and talks about Turkey and the area.

I always try to ‘grow strong where I stand’ following the slogan of BIANET, the Turkish independent news agency where my journalistic story begun more then ten years ago.  It’s been a wild ride, with a lot more to learn on the journey ahead. Keep walking.